Swimming Pool/Spa Rules

The Environmental Health Division licenses, regulates and inspects public and semi-public swimming pool and spa facilities in Bottineau, Burke, McHenry, McLean, Renville Sheridan and Ward counties.  The regulations used to govern these facilities can be found in the FDHU Swimming Pool and Spa Rules and Regulations (see link below).


The license fees for swimming pool facilities are based on season of operation (year round or seasonal) and the number of pool basins at the facility.


Prior to constructing a new swimming pool, a copy of the blueprints or plans for the proposed facility must be submitted to the Environmental Health Division prior to any construction being done.  The blueprints or plans must include a complete diagram of the entire facility including all restrooms and bathhouse facilities drawn to scale with all dimensions included, a complete plumbing diagram with all required equipment depicted in place and labeled, and a complete equipment list detailing the manufacturer and operating specifications for all equipment.  This set of blueprints or plans must be accompanied by a plan review request form and the appropriate fees and supporting documentation.


Once the blueprints or plans have been approved, construction can begin.  Once the swimming pool or spa facility is complete, a final inspection will be performed to ensure that the facility meets all FDHU requirements.  The facility will be allowed to open once a swimming pool and spa facility license is obtained.  The license application can be found below.


For any questions involving swimming pool or spa facilities, contact your Environmental Health inspector.