KickStart is a two hour, one session ‘crash course’ designed to give you the information, resources and motivation you need to quit smoking, vaping or chewing tobacco.  The class is held at the Minot office.  You’ll get the skills and tools to conquer tobacco addiction, presented in a supportive, nonjudgmental environment.   The class is facilitated by a former smoker who is now a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist.  She gets you!


You can register online, email, or call Bonnie at 701.837.5171 to register, and start getting ready to quit!


2024 Class Dates:

January 11   6:30pm

April 11         6:30pm

August 8       6:30pm


Conflict with class dates?  WATCH ONLINE!!

You’ll leave this class with:


  • The motivation to get you started on the journey of quitting.
  • Tools to identify the triggers that keep you using tobacco.
  • Skills to work through the slips and relapses.
  • Knowledge of the Mayo Clinic recommended medication options to help you quit.
  • Free samples of nicotine gum, lozenges and other quit aids.
  • connection with someone who can relate to the difficulty and life changing effects of quitting tobacco use.
  • A better understanding of the health effects of tobacco use.

What do people say about this class?


“This class provided the education, support, structure and supplies that I needed to help me make the move to become smoke-free.”


“I loved this class, both of my teachers were the BEST!!!  I am so grateful I took this class.  I don’t want to get emphysema COPD, a horrible disease.”


“This class was great— short, sweet and to the point, but still very informative. I really liked that I was able to try different nicotine replacement products out to see what worked best for me.”


“Quitting is hard, but attending this class gave me the motivation and tools that I needed to finally quit chewing.”