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Maybe you’re feeling stressed.  Overwhelmed.  Down.  Maybe you aren’t sure what you’re feeling, but you know you aren’t as happy as you used to be.  Financial pressures, taking care of others, and loneliness can all leave us feeling less than our best.  With CredibleMind, we can help you figure out what tools you need, find resources that may help, and identify where to get extra help if you need it.  Start with an assessment or dive right into a topic.  Check out Community Resources, or Insights from people who’ve been there.  It’s free, convenient and confidential.  Start today, for a more enjoyable tomorrow!

  • Thousands of expert vetted resources covering topics like managing depression, self-care, and stress practices.
  • Adaptable to your learning style with apps, podcasts, videos, articles, books and online programs.
  • Scientifically validated assessments to help you understand your own mental health strengths and challenges.