Shelter-in-Place Instructions

In case of a chemical emergency:


    1. Go inside, turn on local radio or TV. Turn television to KMOT-TV (cable channel 7, over-air channel 10), or KXMC-TV (cable channel 3, over-air channel 13).Tune radio to KCJB 910 AM.
    2. Close all windows and doors.
    3. Turn off furnace, air conditioner, exhaust fans.
    4. Seal a room using wet towels at base of door, breathe through a damp towel to filter air.
    5. Continue to listen to TV or radio for further instructions, keep phone lines free.
    1. 6. Unless told to do so by authorities:


    • a. DO NOT evacuate or travel
    • b. DO NOT bring home children from school, or other family members from work
    • c. DO NOT call 911 for information (these lines are needed for medical emergencies)