The Environmental Health Division can conduct an inspection of properties with potential health or safety issues.  Inspections are conducted on a complaint basis.  Health and safety issues can include things such as derelict structures with unsecured openings, collapsing structures, accumulated junk, trash or debris, and accumulated animal wastes.


To file a complaint about a potential nuisance, contact:


Jo Gourneau, inspector for the City of Minot north of Burdick Expy: (701) 837-5120 or


Kayla Price, inspector for the City of Minot south of Burdick Expy: (701) 509-5699 or (701) 837-5162 or


Natalie Davy, inspector for McLean, Sheridan, south Ward and south McHenry counties: (701) 371-4917 or (701) 837-5133 or


Haley Hanna, inspector for Bottineau, Renville, Burke, north Ward and north McHenry counties: (701) 721-1811 or (701) 837-5122 or


Or, contact Lisa Otto-Westman, Director of Environmental Health: (701) 837-5124 or