Water Analysis

The FDHU Water Lab water sample testing days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Samples can be dropped off any time between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm.  Click here to view the water testing calendar.

Samples submitted for bacteriological testing must be submitted in an FDHU supplied bottle.  You must stop by or call FDHU to obtain a bottle.  Samples submitted for bacteriological testing in a non-approved bottle will not be tested.

Samples submitted for Routine Chemistry Water Analysis need to include at least one quart of water and need to be accompanied by a water sample submission form.  The water sample submission form can be found here.  The container must be clean, made of glass or plastic, and be a container that has not previously been used to store bleach, soap, or vinegar. Do not use a metal container. Rinse the container several times with the sample water before filling and capping.

General Testing and Services AvailableFees
Bacteriological Water Analysis (presence/absence)Bacteriological Water Analysis (presence/absence)

$25.00 (double charge on non-testing days)
Recreational Water Analysis (bacteriological presence/absence, Heterotrophic Plate Count)$30.00 (double charge on non-testing days)
Routine Chemistry Water Analysis: Conductivity, Iron, Manganese, Nitrates, pH, estimated Sodium, Sulfates, Total Dissolved Solids, Total Hardness. $65.00
Additional Individual Quantitative Testing:

Any of the above can be done individually.
$10.00 each
Quantitative Bacteriological Analysis$40.00
Lead Testing for Water (sent away)$45.00
Quality Assurance for Autoclaves$25.00
Radon Test Kits
Not available at this time

Testing is subject to availability.  Additional charges my be incurred for special requests.


The First District Health Unit (FDHU) lab is a state-certified facility that regularly tests water samples for various contaminates and usability. Municipal and private water supplies are inspected for compliance with local, state and federal regulations.


For questions regarding the water lab, contact:


Jayme Calavera, REHS/RS: (701) 837-5116 or jcalavera@nd.gov


Becky Fred: (701) 837-5121 or bfred@nd.gov


Lisa Otto-Westman, Director of Environmental Health: (701) 837-5124 or ecotto@nd.gov


For more information on drinking water quality please visit the following websites: