Optimal Pregnancy Outcome Program

Are you pregnant and have questions about your pregnancy? Our Optimal Pregnancy Outcome Program (OPOP) provides extra support and education expecting moms need. This program is free of charge and pregnant women of any age or income can participate, as long as they are under the care of a physician.

Starting with your first appointment, you will meet monthly with our OPOP nurse for a health check and to discuss any questions or problems you have.

Monthly visits may include:

Nursing Services

        • Health assessment including fetal heart tones, fundal height, weight, blood pressure, and hemoglobin checks
        • Health history
        • Pregnancy and newborn education
        • Nutritional guidance and referrals to WIC
        • Breastfeeding information
        • Prenatal vitamins at no cost
        • Depression screening

Other Services 

        • Immunizations
        • Fluoride treatments
        • Limited counseling
        • Pack and Play cribs for those who qualify
        • Child passenger safety
        • Referral to available onsite services such as WIC, Tobacco cessation program (Baby and Me) and community services. For your convenience, we can combine our other inhouse services with your OPOP appointments

We offer this program at our Minot location. There is no charge but donations are accepted. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call our OPOP coordinator – Ami Yale, RN at 701.837.5129