Tanning Regulations

First District Health Unit provides licensing and inspection for Tanning Facilities in the seven county area.


The regulations for Tanning Facilities are contained in the First District Health Unit Rules and Requirements for Facilities.


For questions regarding tanning establishments in the First District Health Unit, contact:


Jo Gourneau, inspector for the City of Minot north of Burdick Expy: (701) 837-5120 or jdgourneau@nd.gov


Kayla Price, inspector for the City of Minot south of Burdick Expy: (701) 509-5699 or (701) 837-5162 or kaprice@nd.gov


Natalie Davy, inspector for McLean, Sheridan, south Ward and south McHenry counties: (701) 371-4917 or (701) 837-5133 or ndavy@nd.gov


Haley Hanna, inspector for Bottineau, Renville, Burke, north Ward and north McHenry counties: (701) 721-1811 or (701) 837-5122 or hhanna@nd.gov


Or, contact Lisa Otto-Westman, Director of Environmental Health: (701) 837-5124 or ecotto@nd.gov