Inspections: Restaurant, Food and Lodging 

Click on the following link to view the most recent inspections for facilities licensed by and inspected by the Environmental Health Division.




  • Each inspection represents the conditions present in that facility at the time of inspection.
  • This system has been live since December 2014.  To view the inspections for facilities done prior to December 2014, you may come to the FDHU office in Minot and request to see past inspection forms.
  • Food inspections are scored.  The total number of points for the violations documented during the inspection are subtracted from 100 to obtain the score for that inspection.
    • Point values for violations are based on the relative level of risk for that violation.  Critical violations are more likely to lead to illness, so they are assigned higher point values.  Non-critical violations are assigned lower point values.
    • Scores between 60 and 69 result in a mandatory re-inspection.  Re-inspections done on facilities are marked as such.  During re-inspections, items marked out of compliance on the initial inspection may be the only items that are reviewed.
    • Scores of 59 or below result in automatic closure of that facility.