Getting Your Immunization Records (Including COVID Vaccinations)

First District is not able to issue replacement COVID vaccination cards.  Instead, you can get a copy of your North Dakota immunization record, which includes your COVID vaccination information.  No matter why you need it, there are several ways to get a copy of your North Dakota immunization record:


  1. You can obtain immediate access to your immunization record through MyIR Mobile.  Access to MyIR requires a free account.  The information in MyIR is drawn from the North Dakota Immunization Information System (NDIIS), although you may be able to access your record from other states as well.  This record includes information on any COVID vaccination you have received in North Dakota.  MyIR offers immediate access to your official record, but since it doesn’t have the State of North Dakota or First District Health Unit logo, some entities may not accept it as an official document.
  2. A free copy of an immunization record can be requested using the North Dakota Department of Health’s Immunization Record Request.  This record will only contain information on vaccinations given in North Dakota by providers who enter their information into NDIIS. Childhood immunizations have been entered into the North Dakota Immunization Information System since 1996.
  3. To request an immunization record from First District for you, or your child under 18, you must complete the First District Health Unit Immunization Record Request.  The form can be presented with a valid state-issued driver’s license or photo ID, either in person or via emailed copy. Requests for children under 18 must be signed by the parent or legal guardian. These requests are processed at the earliest opportunity.  Everyone 18 or older must request their own record.  If you received vaccinations from a provider that does not submit records to NDIIS, First District may not be able to access your complete record. The provider who administered the vaccinations may be the only source for those record.  If you have not had vaccinations at First District, there is a fee of $10.00.


If you received immunizations in another state, you may be able to request a record through that state’s Immunization Registry.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers additional information for finding and interpreting immunization records here.