Tobacco Industry and Marketing Tactics

With 1,200 of their most loyal customers dying each day from smoking-related illnesses, the tobacco industry works tirelessly to recruit new users by whatever means necessary. The links below provide insight into just a few of their tactics.


Video: Tobacco giant questioned on Marlboro-branded kiosk steps from school


ABC’s Nightline Investigates Philip Morris’s Marketing to Indonesian Youth


In a new segment, ABC News Nightline returns to Indonesia, a playground for the tobacco industry where tobacco marketing is inescapable and kids can easily buy cigarettes right outside their schools. The story continues a year-long investigation into marketing tactics used by Philip Morris International that hook a new generation of smokers in the world’s fourth largest country. The segment showcases how Philip Morris exploits Indonesia’s lax tobacco control laws to market near schools and even bring back the infamous Marlboro Man.


Anatomy of a Cigarette – learn how the industry has engineered the cigarette to be the optimum nicotine delivery device.