Baby & Me – Tobacco Free
Healthy babies. Born on time.

Baby & Me – Tobacco Free is a program to help pregnant women quit smoking or vaping, or even chewing.  Nicotine-free moms can receive $50 to spend on baby items every month until baby is born – and for up to six months after!  There is even an opportunity for partners to become nicotine-free and get an additional $50 per month.   


Expectant mothers come in monthly for support, education and testing.  At the third visit, participants become eligible for the $50 incentive.  Partners who also quit become eligible for the $50 monthly incentive once the baby is born.  That’s an extra $100/month for diapers, formula, and other baby supplies – plus all the money that you save on tobacco products goes back into your pocket! Quitting smoking or vaping is the single most important thing you can do for your health and the health of your baby.  Email or call 701.837.5171 to enroll today!